World on its Knees: The Road to Human Liberation


Repression and War, one has led to the other in an endless loop for the greater part of human history.

Even with great advances in technology, allowing us to live longer, travel further and connect faster, we have fallen into the same cycle of in-fighting that every single generation before us hoped to break.

There are reasons why we continue to repeat history; they are the missing factors, the intangible psychological powers that have the power to usher in liberty.

Personal empowerment and awareness has to be present to bring about a complete turnaround in society. A self-aware, introspective, critical thinking and volantaryist population is the most dangerous challenge to war & repression. An empowered population will not strive to enslave each other because it will know that constructive outcomes will be in their own individual best interests.

An aware society will not stand for tyranny, because they know that they have the real power and that government is just a collection of people; whose strength mainly relies on perceptions.

Introspection & Responsibility

For many of us, the knee jerk reaction when faced with conflict, failure or challenges is to become defensive, to fall into fight or flight mode. The way you react to a situation could have a greater impact on you than the problem itself.

Often, the most favorable response to difficulty is found within yourself, the perception of your reality is something you control entirely. No matter what happens to you in life, you can always take on a degree of responsibility and ownership for the outcome.

The problems we face always differ, some of us are born into greater challenges than others, but there will always be a portion that we can admit to having control over. Once you take responsibility you can then start to look for solutions that you can carry out; you no longer rely solely on someone else to remedy a problem whose outcomes will affect you.

You won’t always have complete control over what happens, but you will always have choices; choices that determine the direction of your life. Whether you make choices that keep you where you are or choices that will take you out of your circumstances, that power is entirely yours.

Personal Leadership and Accountability

Traditionally, people have given up personal power to elect, assign or submit to someone else’s leadership. When you allow someone else the right to make decisions for you, you create a huge risk for power abuse and decision making that will not be in your best interests.

In many cases, people who seek out leadership, do so to have power over others. Their power is only as great as what you allow them to do. No one can truly force you to do something, they can threaten you and you may face consequences, but if you and everyone else are aware, individual resistance in a collective manner will leave tyrants powerless.

Once you as a person, are aware that you have the power to change a situation, you are more likely to challenge the leadership ideas and methods when they step outside their bounds. 

Critical, Uninhibited Thinking

For most of our lives, other people have been telling us what to think, what we rarely learn however, is how to think. The complexity of a lot of society’s challenges are often difficult to even gasp.

Decisions are often made based on opinions, opinions often come from personal, religious or cultural beliefs. The danger is that we limit the range of solutions when we rely solely on beliefs and not facts.

Critical thinking needs to shed the limitations of beliefs and embrace the validity of facts and unfettered ideas free from knee-jerk judgments.

Voluntary Action, Freedom from Force

Force is often the direct cause of conflict. When you take away another person’s right to make choices it creates friction, distrust and resentment. As long as people force others to make limited decisions, through personal or institutionalized coercion (government), conflict will thrive.

The feelings and ideas that are often regarded as good for humanity exist only when they are voluntary. Would love, kindness, charity and compassion still have the same meaning if they were forced actions? Initiating force to try to instil morals negates the entire being of those ideas, kindness becomes tolerance and charity become theft.

It can be argued that the very essence of being human is to be free, taking away someone else’s right to voluntary action continues the divide between judgment and understanding.

People vying for control over one another’s lives through institutions only empowers those institutions, while spinning the cycle of destruction that society has to live in.

Authored by: P.D.

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Photo Credit: Abir Anwar

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